More Americans now disagree with the tea party than agree with it, but the majority are indifferent to the conservative movement.

According to a national survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 29 percent of Americans said they disagree with the Tea Party, while 22 percent agree, but forty-nine percent of those surveyed said they do not have an opinion either way.

Tea party groups have recently demanded that GOP leaders cut hundreds of billions from the federal budget and roll back numerous regulations. While the percentage of people saying they agree with the tea party movement has remained mostly unchanged, the percentage saying they disagree with the movement has grown 15 points since March 2010.

The rise in the percentage saying they disagree with tea party has occurred largely among political independents and Democrats, with Republicans remaining relatively unchanged.

The percentage of independents disagreeing with the tea party has risen 13 points since March 2010, when only 14 percent said they disagreed with the movement. According to the latest survey, 27 percent of independents now say they disagree with the tea party.

Likewise, the percentage of Democrats disagreeing with the tea party has more than doubled from 21 percent in March 2010 to 51 percent in April.

A CNN/Opinion Research poll released in March found just 32 percent of respondents viewed the tea party favorably, while 47 percent had a negative view of the movement.