Former head of the RNC Michael Steele is reportedly in talks with MSNBC for a job as a political commentator. The Hill reports that the first-ever African-American GOP party chair is thinking of joining the network after being "ousted" from the chairmanship in January.

Steele would be joining Joe Scarborough as a right-leaning voice on a network that many conservatives perceive as having a liberal bias. Steele has also spoken with CNN and Fox News about positions now that his time at the RNC is done.

Steele's time as leader the Republican Party was not untouched by scandal. Charges of financial mismanagement dogged Steele throughout his tenure, ranging from a towering 20 million dollar debt at the end of his term to a highly questionable set of expenses that were charged by a staffer to an RNC credit card at a so-called "lesbian S&M club".

Steele fired the staffer responsible for the charges, but the incident left a bad taste in the mouths of donors.

Former head of the Wisconsin GOP Reince Priebus is the current RNC chairman.