Arizona Senator John McCain (R) is the third most disliked sitting senator in the United States, according to a recent poll. Connecticut Independent Senator Joe Lieberman is the least popular, followed by Nevada Republican Senator John Ensign.

The Democrat-affiliated firm Public Policy Polling found that 53 percent of McCain's constituents disapprove of him, compared with only 34 percent that approve. The poll was based on 623 Arizona voters from April 28 to May 1.

The poll shows that McCain is unpopular with his party base, and even more disliked by Independents and Democrats. Only 44 percent of Republicans approve of McCain compared to 40 percent who disapprove. Fifty-eight percent of Independents disapprove of the senator and 67 percent of Democrats disapprove.

"He has improved considerably with the GOP after a bruising primary battle last summer and his White House loss, but he is in the basement with everyone else," Public Policy Polling said in a statement.

McCain fought fiercely against the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," claiming that the repeal could hurt the military's morale and battle effectiveness. Recently, he called for the United States to provide arms to Libyan rebels like "we did in the Afghan struggle against the Russians."