Wisconsin law enforcement officials have made public 128 pages of documents detailing threats against Governor Scott Walker and other state officials.

The documents, reported first by the Wisconsin State Journal, cover 78 closed cases of threats made as a result of Walker's controversial bill limiting the collective bargaining rights of public workers, with 11 more cases pending.

Most of the threats were made by email, some were even signed by the senders. Others came via phone, letter, and social media.

The 78 closed cases consist of 15 threats against Walker, but twice as many against Democratic lawmakers. There were twelve threats made against Republican lawmakers and 21 miscellaneous threats against protestors, police officers, Madison's mayor, and others.

The majority of the the cases were deemed to be "hapless drunks", the Journal's report noted, but one man arrested in March was described as "dangerous" by federal officials after making threats against several lawmakers. The Journal also states that the majority of threats were "rife with misspellings, bad grammar and foul language".