CHICAGO — Students at Chicago's prestigious Northwestern University won't be able to take a popular course in human sexuality next year after a professor invited his class to watch a live sex show, officials said Monday.

The topic of the day was bondage, swinging and other fetishes. Then, after the class was officially dismissed, students were told they could stick around for a demonstration of sex toys and the female orgasm.

About 100 students -- and apparently one of their mothers who was sitting in on the class that day -- were in the auditorium when an exhibitionist couple offered to perform in February.

Most stayed to watch as the woman undressed on stage and her male partner brought her to orgasm with a device that looked like a machine-powered saw with a phallic object instead of a blade.

The story soon went viral and university officials were lambasted by angry parents and pundits.

"Courses in human sexuality are offered in a variety of academic departments in other universities, and Northwestern is reviewing how such a course best fits into the University's curriculum," Alan Cubbage, vice president for University Relations, said in a statement.

Professor John Michael Bailey will have "other teaching assignments" in the coming academic year, he added.