If Republicans don't win in 2012, it'll be because all the best candidates stayed out.  Keep in mind that the only reason those are the best candidates is because they aren't running; if the field were flipped the same people who are currently in would be looked at as the excitement-generating candidates the primary was sorely missing.

Never mind that the field Rich Lowry wants includes a not-conservative-enough governor who's spent the past three years working on a terrible show (Huckabee), a not-conservative-enough governor who has a very strange family background that would surely be the main focus of his primary candidacy (Daniels), George W. Bush's brother, a little-known Representative who's kind of a Tea Party favorite except when he's not (Pence), and a Senator with no national profile whatsoever (Thune).  

In other words, it would be a slightly altered version of the current field, but with more baggage and fewer women and minorities.  Dream ticket, here we come!