The Bradley Manning Support Network has released a new web video trumpeting the results the Army private achieved by allegedly leaking U.S. government secrets to WikiLeaks.

"The WikiLeaks revelations have given us the real truth about wars," the video notes.

WikiLeaks' "collateral murder" video released last year showed a U.S. Apache helicopter opening fire on a group of men including a Reuters photographer in Baghdad in 2007.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has also said that U.S. diplomatic cables released by the secrets outlet have helped spark revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.

Assange said cables leaked on his whistleblowing site questioning U.S. support for former Tunisian President Ben Ali gave citizens the confidence to rise up and influenced the decisions of surrounding nations on whether to intervene.

"And then there's no doubt that Tunisia was the example for Egypt and Yemen and Jordan, and all the protests that have happened there," he added.

Manning supporters also hailed disclosures about the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

In April, WikiLeaks released a cache of classified military documents detailing intelligence assessments of almost all of the 779 people detained at Guantanamo Bay.

In addition, activists claimed that Manning helped to expose lies, corruption, spying, and torture.

"When did exposing the truth become a crime in America?" they asked.

Supporters released the video as a call for others to join their "I am Bradley Manning" photo petition.

David House, an MIT researcher who co-founded The Bradley Manning Support Network, announced last week that he was suing the U.S. government after his laptop and other electronic equipment were seized by federal agents.

"I feel like the American government has made me the target of intrusive and intimidating tactics simply because I joined a lawful group in order to stand up for what I believe is right," House said. "The search and seizure of my laptop has had a chilling effect on the activities of the Bradley Manning Support Network, by silencing once-outspoken supporters and causing donors to retreat."

Watch this video from The Bradley Manning Support Network, uploaded May 16, 2011.