A Texas police officer pleaded guilty Thursday charges that will garner him a 6-year prison sentence for attempting to give a prisoner a cache of heroin concealed in a delivery of tacos.

The investigation into Robert Falcon, 48, of the Bexar County Sheriff's Department ended with a sting operation that found him in possession of a heroin-substitute he believed to be the actual drug.

Officers were tipped off to Falcon's activities last June, after discovering a note in a prisoner's cell that outlined a plan to smuggle heroin into the correctional facility. Falcon's address was reportedly on the note.

Officers dropped off a cache of fake drugs, money and taco ingredients at Falcon's house, then observed as he took the fake heroin to the jail, wrapped up inside the food.

Falcon intially denied knowledge of the drugs, according to The San Antonio Express News, but admitted ownership on Thursday and accepted a plea deal.

Image credit: Bexar County Sheriff's Dept.

(h/t KSAT.com)