The Republican governor of Texas, Rick Perry, continued this weekend to play coy about whether he will throw his ten-gallon hat in the ring for the GOP nomination for the presidency.

At the Republican Leadership Conference, he delivered a speech that brought the gathered crowd of conservatives to its feet, according to the Associated Press.

"I stand before you today as a disciplined conservative Texan, a committed Republican and a proud American, united with you to restoring our nation and revive the American dream," he said.

Perry has long insisted that he won't run, but has been singing a different tune lately. In late May, Perry said that he would consider running in 2012. Certainly, as the longest-serving governor of powerhouse state Texas, he has name recognition and would likely attract deep-pocketed donors' confidence.

Earlier this month, Perry ventured to Los Angeles to speak at an anti-abortion rally, a move that has been viewed as a baby step on his potential nascent campaign trail.

Perry has also declared "days of prayer" for rain in Texas, seen by some as a strategic move to gain the enthusiasm of evangelical conservatives.

Strategists have also noted that several of the senior aides who recently fled Newt Gingrich's campaign are from Texas.