At what CNN describes as an "enthusiastic but sparsely populated Tea Party rally" on Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa, GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann declared that "as president of the United States, I look forward to creating real jobs" for President Obama and Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner.

She also took pot shots at the president's health care reform bill, saying that it would cost the U.S. in jobs. She also claimed that President Obama's economic policies have "cost this economy millions of jobs" and suggested that the president may not be "in his right mind" to offer up a health care reform bill that, to her mind, will only worsen the country's already precarious economic state.

The candidate seems to be tearing a page from Sarah Palin's book as she ramps up the aggressiveness of her attacks on the Obama administration. Perhaps this is an attempt on her part to court the GOP's far right base as well as to distract from her many gaffes along the way in this fledgling campaign season, including claiming last week that she has a little bit of serial killer John Wayne Gacy's "spirit" on her side in the race for the White House, confusing the notorious, Iowa-born murderer with actor John Wayne.

That mistake came the day after Fox News anchor Chris Wallace asked Bachmann if she was a "flake" during an interview last Sunday. Bachmann's allies were incensed and Wallace was forced to issue a retraction and apology later in the day.