The Westboro Baptists Church has announced plans to picket the funeral services in California and Michigan for former First Lady Betty Ford.

The Westboro Baptist Church has gained infamy for picketing the funerals of military families with offensive signs such as "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "God Hates America."

The church believes that God is punishing the United States because of America's acceptance of homosexuality.

Ford died Friday evening at the age of 93. Her husband, former President Gerald R. Ford, passed away in 2006.

The Westboro Baptist Church condemned Ford for divorcing her first husband, claiming that she "lived in adultery for 58 years." The church also said she "urged all the women of this doomed foul nation to engage in extra-marital sex."

Ford openly talked about woman's health issues and her addiction to prescription drugs.

They also lashed out at American reporters for loving "to find someone to talk about sin" and giving her a national platform to push "whoredom and baby-murder."