Memo to any famous celebrity on Twitter with a large following: Don't have your page tweet out the number to the local police station.

That is what occurred Friday evening when the platinum selling rapper "The Game's" Twitter account incited a telephone flash mob by posting the number of the Los Angeles Country Sheriff's department in Compton, California.

The posting was based on the rapper, whose legal name is Jayceon Taylor, offering an internship with his Black Wall Street label and leaving the police station's number at the end of the tweet.

With more than 580,000 followers, "The Game's" tweet lead to many of his audience jamming the station's phone lines, with actual legitimate calls for help unable to get through. The Associated Press reported that a few of those regular calls were about a missing person, a spousal abuse incident and two robberies.

"The Game" however is claiming that his account was hacked, and has been tweeting quite actively since the incident with no signs of remorse for the authorities. The controversial figure, who is most known for his war of words with fellow rapper and former record label mate  50 Cent, stated in one of his tweets, "Yall can track a tweet down but cant solve murders!" He added, "Dat was an accident but maybe now yall can actually do yall job !"

After several requests from the department, "The Game" deleted the tweet later in the evening, but could face criminal charges for "Maliciously disrupting or impeding communications over a public safety radio frequency, obstruction of justice or other charges related to delaying a peace officer from doing their job," the department said.

The headquarters bureau Capt. Mike Parker, who pleaded with "The Game" to remove his tweet, hoped he would get some remorse from the rapper.

"We're still waiting for a Twitter message with an apology or a retraction or 'this was bad idea,' " Parker said to the Los Angeles Times. "We're waiting for something that sends a message out that people's lives are more important than playing around."

As of this post "The Game" nor his publicist has yet to issue an official statement on the matter, although the rapper did tweet to the newspaper, "It wasn't me."