Bill Clinton's thoughts on national polls for 2012 at the moment: Who cares?

The former president appeared on Meet The Press on Sunday morning, talking with host David Gregory on a wide arrange of issues including his upcoming "Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting" this week.

When asked about President Obama's current poll numbers and his chances for re-election, the 42nd commander-in-chief displayed apathy to those numbers.

"The polls don't mean much right now," Clinton said. "Right now he is running against himself and the American people's frustrations and disappointments."

Clinton also disagreed with his friend James Carville's assessment on Obama needing to make panic firings in his administration.

"No, because he's got a good economic plan," he said. "The president never does the country much good by panicking. I know what James meant. James meant we need a political term."

Clinton added: "The truth is what we need is to create a climate where the America people can think instead of voice there frustrations."

WATCH: Video from NBC, which aired on September 18, 2011.

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