Fresh off his special episode with Radiohead, Stephen Colbert returned to his usual routine of analyzing politics, this time to support Rick Perry after his much maligned performance at the last GOP debate.

The Comedy Central host focused on the Texas governor struggling to put together complete sentences at the FOX/Google debate. "That's what you get when your speech writer is magnet poetry," Colbert said. He then proceeded to play a montage of the criticism Perry has faced from the media since his display, including Fox analyst Brit Hume stating that Perry "threw up on himself."

Colbert decided to add a little more to that analogy.

"Perry threw up all over himself, then chopped off his own head, and crapped down his own neck hole," he said. "Slit open his own belly and nailed his intestines to a tree and ran around it to unraveled his own guts. He defied himself with every bodily fluid known to man other than Santorum."

But Colbert wasn't running away from Perry, deciding to show a CNN poll after the debate with Perry having an eight point lead over Mitt Romney.

He added: "Clearly he needs to show up in the next debate with a mouth full of angry bees."

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which appeared on September 27, 2011.