Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said Monday that claims made in a new books "bear no resemblance" to what actually happened in the Obama administration.

In "Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President," by Pulitzer-winning journalist Ron Suskind, a picture of tension is painted between the president and his economic team, with the extreme example of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner ignoring an order to have Citigroup dissolved.

The book also sheds light on the culture of the Obama White House, and in an excerpt obtained by The Washington Post, a number of top female advisers say their roles were largely marginalized.

"I haven't read this book, but to borrow a phrase, I lived the reality," Geithner told ABC's Jake Tapper. "And the reports I've read about this book bear no resemblance to the reality we lived together. No resemblance."

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-- with earlier reporting by Stephen C. Webster