The full-blown assault on Occupy Wall Street continues at Fox News.

During a broadcast Tuesday morning, Stephen Hayes, writer for the conservative Weekly Standard and an occasional Fox News contributor, had a few choice words for the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters. Namely, that they've already lost.

"There's no political movement there," he claimed. "There's no thirst for any kind of a political movement there. They wouldn't have the backing of the American public.

"If you look at the Gallup surveys over the past few years on the numbers of people who identify themselves as conservatives, moderates and liberals, you have 40 percent self-identified conservatives, 36 percent self-identified moderates and just 20 percent self-identified liberals.

"So, this is a fraction of that smallest grouping, so these people have no base, there's no political movement there, there's no hope that there'll be a political movement there. They're just out there because they're frustrated."

Hayes went on to say that he wouldn't be "surprised" if the crowds grow, but that they would never amount to "any kind of a serious movement." He also incorrectly stated that protesters at Occupy Wall Street want the U.S. government to take over all industry, and that they're in solidarity with socialist workers groups.

The protesters have actually released a relatively clear list of demands, which were voted upon by working groups that huddled together those first nights of the demonstration. That list includes calls to investigate white collar criminals on Wall St., banish anonymous corporate donations from the U.S. political process, elevate public debate by giving free airtime to lesser known political candidates and revamp the Securities and Exchange Commission with independent professionals.

And instead of socialist worker groups, as Hayes claimed, the Occupy Wall Street demonstration has been singled out by a growing number of American union workers -- namely the Transportation Workers Union, the United Federation of Teachers and the Service Employees International Union.

Their members plan to march with Occupy Wall Street on Wednesday.

The video below is from Fox News's America's Newsroom, broadcast Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011, as clipped by liberal watchdog group Media Matters.

Photo: Flickr user david_shankbone.