On Friday night's episode of Real Time, host Bill Maher devoted his New Rules segment to the positive effects of LSD.

Maher said, "This Halloween stop fretting that some stranger is going to put drugs in your kids candy. And put them in there yourself. C'mon, this is America. Acid will be the healthiest thing they eat all day. Do it! Put drugs in the Halloween candy"

"We all know that too much of any drug can cause permanent damage. Just look at Rush Limbaugh. You can't just decide to give a bunch of innocent, drug-free kids some sort of psychedelic. What if it interacts badly with their Wellbrutrin, their Abilify, their Adderall, their Ritalin and their Monster Energy Drink," he continued sarcastically.

Watch the full segment below, uploaded by Mediaite on October 28, 2011.