NATO said that at least 25 insurgents were killed during the largest coordinated insurgent attack on military bases in the eastern Afghan province of Paktika since 2009.

The attacks targeted US-led troops near the border with Pakistan on Friday as Afghanistan and the United States marked the 10th anniversary of the US bombing campaign that forced the Taliban from power in late 2001.

A spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said one soldier was lightly wounded when a car bomb exploded about 300 metres from the outer wall of Combat Outpost Margah.

The military said air strikes and gunfire killed at least 25 insurgents during the attacks in the Gormal, Sarobi and Barmal districts of Paktika.

There was no immediate independent confirmation of the death toll.

Eastern Afghanistan is one of the main flashpoints in the 10-year Taliban insurgency, fuelled in part by its proximity to rear bases in Pakistan.