In yet another case of the GOP failing to uphold its "Family Values" mantle, Minnesota Republican Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch resigned from her leadership post after facing allegations of an “inappropriate relationship” with a staffer.

According to the Minnesota Star Tribune, Koch was confronted by her Republican colleagues about the matter, and removed herself from the top spot afterwards.

Earlier in the week, Koch neither confirmed or denied that the allegations were true to her state senators when they asked her, but considered resigning at that point.

"We're here today with a lot of humility and some sadness and even shock," said interim Senate Majority Leader Geoff Michel Friday evening, who declined to identify the staffer. "There is no doubt that a manager cannot have such a relationship with someone they oversee, whose budget they oversee."

Koch became Minnesota's first female majority leader after leading Republicans to control the Senate for the first time in four decades. She is married and has a daughter.

The news comes after Greg Davis, a Republican mayor of Southaven, Mississippi, admitted he was gay after an audit revealed that he spent taxpayer money at a gay adult store in Canada.