The developers of the Fruit Ninja video game recently drew attention to their product with a well-placed tweet that linked to a YouTube video of a cat playing their game on an iPad.

I once had a cat who would furiously attack his own shadow on the kitchen floor this way, so I'm not surprised that a cat would go after the moving objects on the screen. But what is surprising is that it seems to be pretty good at the game.

TechCrunch was impressed, writing, "It’s clear within seconds of the video starting that the cat has done this before. This cat slashes fruit like a boss."

Howerer, George Wong at Ubergizmo noted more skeptically that "while the cat is playing the more forgiving Arcade mode instead of the Classic mode (where dropped fruits and sliced bombs make you lose the game), it seems to know what it is doing – or at least it makes us think it does."

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Marcztr on Dec 28, 2011.