Jon Stewart tried to understand Tuesday evening why the conservative group Florida Family Association could have any problem with a reality show about peaceful American Muslims.

The Daily Show host analyzed interviews of the group's executive director David Carton comments on TLC's All-American Muslims, who said he was concerned that the show had an "absence of the radical side of the Iman's proposition of Sharia law."

"So the problem of the show is the absence of radicals?" Stewart asked. "The problem is the televising of Muslims without the terrorist element? You're angry about that? Like when Touched by an Angel was forced to introduce the abortion clinic bomber character. Why would you be upset to learn that there are non-Jihadist Muslims?"

After playing a clip of Canon saying the show is "harmful education wise to the belief structure of millions of Americans," Stewart emphasized how that is the show's actual purpose.

"The balls on this guy," he said. "This show challenges the stereotype I have about Muslims. So I guess I can no longer accept that stereotype, or, if it pleases the court, you can replace these Muslims with ones that happily fit my marital view. I'm also troubled by no one on your show Little People, Big World, whistles while they work, or makes candy for Willy Wonka."

WTACH: Video from Comedy Central, which was broadcast on December 13, 2011.