On Wednesday's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart ran down the results of the New Hampshire primary, including the fact that Mitt Romney keeps winning in spite of the fact that no one actually seems to like him.

He then expressed his bafflement at the media's insistence on pretending that Ron Paul isn't there. He shows a clip of Lawrence O'Donnell insisting that if you look at the New Hampshire results without Ron Paul in second, then Jon Huntsman really finished behind Romney.

And finally Jon takes a moment to offer some tough love to Huntsman, who staked most of his hopes of remaining in the race on New Hampshire. At his rally in the Granite State on Tuesday, in spite of his third-place finish, Huntsman declared that he'd earned a "ticket to ride."

Given that Huntsman has basically spent the last year living in New Hampshire, a dismal third place finish behind the man who wants to abolish the EPA is really, in Stewart's words, "A ticket to ride home."

Watch the video, embedded via Comedy Central, below: