A woman with two uteruses has given birth to twins this week in a story that has surprised the medical world.

Alison Camp of Buffalo, New York is among just one to two percent of women in the world with a rare condition called uterine didelphys. It results in Camp have two separate uteruses, each attached to one fallopian tube and one ovary.

Camp is even in a more exclusive club, indicating to local news affiliate WIVB that there has been only 73 other cases in the world involving a pregnancy under similar situations to her own.

Dr. Shailini Singh conducted the risky pregnancy at Women and Children's Hospital, marveling at the end results.

"Very rare," she said. "I've never seen it, and I've done medicine for 40 years."

Camp had previously given birth to two other children.

WATCH: Video from CNN, which was broadcast on January 20, 2012.