The top two GOP presidential candidates' bizarre moves this past weekend caught the attention of Stephen Colbert Monday evening, when he mocked Romney's "plastic and uncomfortable" personality in an near-empty stadium and Santorum's anti-elitism that would lead to "fewer opportunities" for the next generation.

The Comedy Central host began analyzing Romney's peculiar choice to speak at an empty Ford Field in Detroit.

"Yeah, there were a lot of empty seats," Colbert said. "But the importance thing is Mitt really connected with those empty seats there by also being plastic and uncomfortable."

The Colbert Report host later addressed Santorum calling President Obama "a snob" for encouraging college.

"Yeah, what a snob," Colbert said. "Obama thinks everybody should go to college like he did. Well pardon me your highness, but some of us weren't handle a ticket to Harvard by being the bi-racial son of a single mother on foodstamps."

He added: "Rick Santorum understands the real American dream: That if you work hard enough, your children will have fewer opportunities than you did."

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which was broadcast on February 27, 2012.