Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra was widely criticized for a Super Bowl ad targeting his 2012 rival, Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

The ad used an Asian woman speaking in broken English to accuse Stabenow of helping the Chinese economy. The Asian American Action Fund described it as being "reminiscent of Asian prostitutes saying ‘Me love you long time’ in Hollywood films."

The comedians at Funny or Die decided to take the concept of Hoekstra's ad a bit further.

"Thank you Michigan Senator Debbie Spenditnow. Debbie spent so much American money, you borrow more and more from us," an Asian woman in their version of the ad says.

"I calculate exactly how much you spend because of my excellent math ability. Now I have more money to buy pirated DVDs. I ride bicycle because my drivers license suspended."

Watch the video, courtesy of Fun or Die, below:

Controversial Racist Pete Hoekstra Ad - watch more funny videos [facebook expand=1]