Anti-abortion activist and presidential candidate Randall Terry could end up with a delegate at the Democratic National Convention after winning 18 percent of the vote against President Barack Obama in the Oklahoma primary Tuesday.

Terry, the founder of anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, finished ahead of the other two candidates on the ballot not named Obama, who received 57 percent of the vote. According to Red Dirt Report, Terry praised his performance on graphic TV ads that showed images of aborted fetuses.

“I beat (Obama) in 12 counties," Terry said. "They were in the west and the south and I took the entire Panhandle. It shows the power of our advertisements where we show aborted babies. And it’s a rebuke of Obama’s attack on religious liberty, his attacks on the church and the promotion of child killing.”

Terry is however realistic about his chances of winning the Democratic nomination for president, placing blame on pro-life groups for not supporting him.

“I hope that pro-life leaders and activists now have the wisdom to invest in this campaign," Terry said. "We did this without any help from any pro-life groups. They sat on the sidelines for this battle. I hope they get in the fight for the next one.”

Terry is closely linked to Scott Roeder, the man who was convicted of murdering abortion doctor George Tiller in 2009. Roeder regularly posted on Operation Rescue's website, including a "Tiller Watch" feature. Terry denounced Roeder's violent act but labeled Tiller as a "mass murderer" whose "hands were covered with blood."

[Photo cred: Flickr user Marc Nozell]