Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday jokingly compared former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain to eccentric boxing promoter Don King.

Kimmel played a clip of Cain speaking about bumblebees at a tea party rally.

"If you measure the aerodynamic perimeters of the bumblebee, that little flat body and that little flappy wings, and measure all those epsilons and deltas and put them into the equations of motions and you run those equations of motion, the computer comes back and says: the sucka can't fly," Cain said in the clip. "There is only one reason that the bumblebee flies, the bumblebee believes he can fly."

"He is one crazy hairstyle away from being Don King," Kimmel joked.

He then took aim at some of Cain's recent advertisements against President Obama’s economic stimulus. One ad showed a goldfish being killed. In the other, a rabbit is launched out of a catapult and shot.

"It's all part of his fix the economy or I'll kill your pets campaign," Kimmel joked.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: