This is an open letter to my conservative brethren.

Many of you have decided to approach the Trayvon Martin case from the calm, measured perspective that black people are unhinged savages who want to find a white person to kill for murdering a hoodie-wearing drug-dealer. You may find such examples of this writing at Dan Riehl's blog, and I'm not going to link to the rest because I would prefer if Pandagon didn't come up as a hate site on your web filter.

I do, however, want to give conservatives a brief lesson in translation, however. There is a set of terms commonly used to describe the response to Martin's killing and other issues involve the intersection of race and your Google News reader. When put together into roughly literate sentences, it goes something like this:

The race pimps/hustlers who run the Democrat Party are once again advancing a racialist agenda that the blacks on their plantation buy into lock, stock and barrel, because they are cowed and brainwashed by their masters into believing that a drug-dealing thug wearing gang clothing was an innocent angel. You have to realize that you risk white resentment and backlash for threatening to destroy American society through Al Sharpton for a kid who looked like this:

This, however, is what most black people hear:

You niggers were better when you were fetching us lemonade.