I feel it needed an all-caps title, because it's SUPER, you know?

As usual, you can find real-time feedback from myself and Jesse on Twitter. I take cracking smart ass jokes about Republicans on a contested primary night very seriously, y'all. It's cutting into my pre-SXSW preparation time, after all. Time that could otherwise be spent tweaking and re-tweaking my schedule will instead be dedicated to hoping Callista Gingrich comes on screen so I can make more "Dark Crystal" jokes.

Prediction for tonight: Since the Republican base is all ablaze with their recent discovery that 99% of American women are "sluts", Rick "Barefoot and Pregnant" Santorum is going to do really well tonight. Even though Romney did try to win over the neanderthal vote by tacitly agreeing with the content of the argument, i.e. that pretty much all women are immoral, while merely objecting to the language, I just feel that the base doesn't think he hates women enough. His heart doesn't seem to be in it, like it is with Santorum. With the Slutstraganza going on, Santorum is really going to have the wind at his back.

Feel free to offer your predictions in comments.