Um, CNN? One of your contributors is saying stupid shit again:

CNN contributor and blogger Dana Loesch said Monday at the Tea Party Tax Day rally in Chicago that women “get raped” for supporting liberals and progressives like the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

“What did women receive for supporting the left?” she asked the crowd. “You’ve seen it here with your Occupy movement, haven’t you? They get raped.”

“This man on my shirt had a message that I think needs to be reiterated since it keeps happening,” Loesch said, wearing a shirt picturing the late Andrew Breitbart. “Stop raping people! Behave yourselves!”

The report to which conservatives gleefully point as proof that Occupy Wall Street condoned or encouraged or failed to address the rape of its members has been debunked over and over again. It is simply not true. Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement stated that neither the victim nor the rapist were Occupiers. They were homeless people who set up a tent nearby the Occupiers. Dana Loesch, however, has an on-again/off-again relationship with the truth, and what she must know to be the truth won't stop her from continuing to flog a lie, as if out of fealty to the late Andrew Breitbart.

Rape is not a partisan issue. Rape is not punishment that is doled out for being a Republican or a Democrat. The very implication is appalling and has no place in political discourse. That Loesch is using rape as a political football -- and repeatedly lying about it -- demonstrates her utter lack of respect for women, and her willingness to victim-blame. "You were raped? Too bad -- you shouldn't have supported the left." Is this really the sort of rhetoric that CNN condones and wants to associate itself with?

Hilary Rosen was forced to apologize to Ann Romney for what was an entirely true statement. Wolf Blitzer patronizingly ordered Rosen to face the camera and apologize to Ann Romney. Dana Loesch, on the other hand, gleefully trades in anti-semitism and misogyny and CNN does nothing? Says nothing?

One wonders how many disgraceful remarks Dana Loesch will have to make before CNN publicly censures her.

My guess? An infinite number. After all, IOKYAR, right?