A majority of voters in Maine now believe that same sex couples should be allowed to legally marry, according to a poll released Sunday by the Maine People’s Resource Center.

More than 57 percent said they strongly favored or somewhat favored same sex marriage, while more than 39 percent said they were strongly opposed or somewhat opposed.

Maine voters will have the opportunity to allow same sex couples to legally marry this November. The Maine legislature passed up a chance to vote on a citizen initiative regarding the issue, sending it to the voters for ratification instead.

“Democrats believe the people of Maine must decide this question,” Minority Leader Emily Cain (D) said in March. “We support the effort of the thousands of Maine people who signed the petitions to put this question before voters in November. The people of Maine should have an opportunity to cast a direct vote on this matter of fairness and equality for all families.”

Maine is the only state in New England that does not allow same sex couples to enter into marriage or civil unions.

The state passed legislation in 2009 that would have allowed same sex couples to wed, but the law was repealed six months later by a statewide referendum.

[Ed. note: Updated for clarity]