Live long and prosper:

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You're welcome.

UPDATE: Emily L. Hauser (yes, she blogs here, but -- but -- it's complicated) adds this note:

PS I’ll just remind readers that the famous Star Trek kiss shared by Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura) and William Shatner (Capt. Kirk) was the first interracial kiss on American television. When, back in the day, Nichols told Martin Luther King that she was considering leaving the show, he apparently told her that she absolutely must do no such thing, “because not only do little black children and do women see you and aspire… but everyone else sees us for the first time the way we are supposed to be – on an equal basis, and on a level of dignity and authority and with the highest of qualifications.” And there she is, in the Oval Office, with the country’s first black President. Some things are just insanely cool, I don’t care who you are.

 [via @RealNichelle]