The Fugees artist Wyclef Jean partnered with Prescribed and J. Williams to create a song called "Justice (If You're 17)" dedicated to Florida teen Trayvon Martin who was shot and killed in a controversial encounter with neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in February.

The track, available as a free download Saturday, pointed out that Trayvon is just one example of racial injustice. Lyrics from the song include, "If you're 17/And you're wearing a hoodie/You're on the phone/Talking to your shorty/Make no mistake/There's one like you/In every city/You know the story."

A Friday public opinion poll reported by Reuters found a deep racial divide on the Martin case, with 91 percent of African Americans finding Martin unjustly killed and just 35 percent of whites expressing the same. Many whites expressed there wasn't enough information to accurately judge the case. The poll also found that 68 percent of blacks through media coverage of the Martin case had been appropriate with just 24 percent finding the same.

Prescribed and J. Williams also made a one-minute video called "I Am" to accompany the song and a music video for "Justice" is expected to be released on April 20.

Photo of Wyclef Jean via jdlasica / Flickr