Monday night on The Daily Show, correspondent Samantha Bee investigated how women disturbed the fragile "guy-namics" of warfare.

The Department of Defense lifted the ban on women serving in combat last week, a proposal that was decried by some men. Among them was military expert Kingsley Browne, who informed Bee that women would severely hamper "bro-mance" in combat zones.

Browne explained that women in combat would distract male soldiers, which was particularly troubling because a sexual harassment charge could ruin a man's career.

Marine Corps Capt. Zoe Bedell, who sued for the ability to serve in combat, disagreed. She told Bee that women were already serving in combat due to the nature of modern warfare. Allowing women to officially serve in combat gave them access to promotions they otherwise would be barred from.

Browne, however, still insisted women shouldn't serve in combat, causing Bee to wonder if he had ever met a woman who didn't want to strangle him.

Watch video, via The Daily Show, below:

[Ed. note: In the original version, a typo made it appear that Browne agreed that women should serve in combat. He said the opposite, and the quote has been corrected.]