Astronaut and husband of former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D), Mark Kelly intervened in an attack on a baby sea lion by his daughter's 65-pound bulldog on Saturday in Laguna Beach, California. According to CBS News Los Angeles, Kelly was, unfortunately, unable to save the animal's life.

Kelly's 18-year-old daughter was walking her dog on the beach on Saturday when the dog caught sight of the sea lion and broke free of his harness. Other beach-goers heard the girl screaming and rushed to help, but they were unable to make the dog drop the sea lion pup.

Cell phone video of the incident showed Kelly running to the scene and grabbing the dog by the collar and shaking it until the sea lion fell away. The video was taken by a passerby who said his name was Nathan, but declined to give his last name.

An Arizona gun shop announced that it is denying Kelly's request to purchase an AR-15 assault rifle on the grounds that the store owner questioned the political "intent" behind the purchase.

Kelly's wife, Rep. Giffords, was shot in the head in an attack at a political rally in 2011.

Watch video about this story, embedded via CBS News, below:

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