The Humane Society shelter in Silverdale, Washington, became a full house after animal control officials began the rescue of more than 70 cats and kittens from a local couple.

The Kitsap Sun reported on Friday that 46 of the cats were turned over by the couple after officials arrived at their trailer in Bremerton, Washington. They have two weeks to give up most of the remaining animals to avoid criminal charges, though local statutes will allow them to keep four cats.

According to KOMO-TV, officials began seizing the cats following an anonymous tip. Officer Chase Connolly told the station they took up almost the entirety of the trailer floor.

"The smell was overwhelming," he said. "We had to wear masks just to enter the property and alternate them out with new masks just to enter the property and alternate them out with new ones to keep removing animals."

Connolly said the unidentified couple acquired most of the cats by answering Craigslist ads by people giving them away or rescuing strays off of the street.

Humane Society officials said the cats did not appear to be neglected, but many had to be treated for infections and parasites, and at least one needed surgery to remove an infected eye.

"They were really loved where they were," said a veternarian, Dr. Jen Stonequist. "I think the people just didn't have the resources to spay and neuter the cats that they had, and unfortunately it just resulted in an explosion of kittens."

Watch KOMO's reports on the 70 cats being rescued from the couple's trailer, aired Friday, below.