Stephen Colbert adopted the persona of a senior citizen on Monday to highlight Rep. Donna Edwards' (D-MD) disagreement with President Barack Obama on whether to cut Social Security benefits.

"Imagine I'm an old woman in your district," Colbert proposed to Edwards, who represents her state's 4th congressional district.

"What do you say to the old people who trusted you, who trusted Obama?" he said in a high-pitched voice. "Stop that man in the White House! I need that money! You've got to stop him."

"I don't agree with President Obama," Edwards repolied. "I do think that--"

"Stop him," Colbert interjected. When Edwards began to play along, he cut in again.

"That bad man in the White House is gonna take away all my money" Colbert repeated.

"He's not a bad man," Edwards offered, before being cut off again.

"He wasn't born here, you know," the "old woman" said. "He's an Arab. He's a Muslim. Sean Hannity told me that on the radio."

Given a few seconds to chime in, Edwards pointed out that the older women in her district "love" the president, but that she still disagrees with him on potential cuts to social services.

"When will you say, 'Enough. I'm ready to be a Republican'?" Colbert asked.

"Oh, that's not happening," she replied.

Colbert's vaunted inability to "see race" also came up during the interview.

"I just pretend everybody's white," he explained to Edwards. "And it's all good."

"That works for you?" Edwards asked in return.

"Well, then there's no races," he replied.

"That probably wouldn't work for me," the congresswoman answered back. "Because I'm black."

"But I didn't know that, until you just told me," Colbert said. "You see how you're the problem?"

Watch Colbert's interview with Edwards, aired Tuesday on Comedy Central, below.