The California man involved in a wave of outrage against local police who shot his dog has been charged with intimidating a witness in the case.

KTLA-TV reported on Tuesday that 52-year-old Leon Rosby turned himself in after being accused of confronting a woman who filmed the encounter between Rosby and Hawthorne, California police that resulted in the shooting death of his rottweiler. The woman's video shows more of Rosby's interaction with officers before the dog was shot and killed.

One video of the June 2013 confrontation received widespread attention online, leading to complaints against both authorities and, in one case, a local business mistaken for police.

Rosby has argued that police have harassed him for years prior to the shooting.

"The videos have shown that these cops killed this dog for absolutely no reason," Rosby's attorney, Mark Geragos, told KTLA. "That's precisely why the cops now are scrambling to try to get him convicted, get him into custody and do anything else in order to try and turn the spotlight away from their actions."

Watch KTLA's report on the charges against Rosby, aired Tuesday, below.