"Ex-gay" therapist Jerry Mungadze told televangelist Benny Hinn he can identify someone possessed by "demonization" based not on brain scans, but on what colors a person chose when coloring in a drawing of a brain.

"You can see demonization in people's brains?" Hinn asked Mungadze.

"There's a certain color someone uses that I won't mention that tells me someone's been demonized," Mungadze answered, using a code phrase for gay.

As Right Wing Watch reported, Mungadze's interview with Hinn covered a variant of his brand of "therapy," which posits that people who use pink on the brain drawings are more likely to be gay.

"Everything that I talk about is based on numbers, is based on studies, which is what you do is when you're a scientist," said Mungadze, who is in fact not a scientist, but does hold degrees in Biblical Studies and counselor education, adding that darker colors are indicative of demonic activity.

"He can tell you everything about yourself," gushed Hinn, who was publicly criticized for his public "healing crusades," which were later exposed as false.

Watch Hinn's chat with Mungadze, posted on YouTube on Tuesday by Right Wing Watch, below.