A man in Williamson County, Illinois pulled a truckload of bags of quarters up to a law office on Wednesday, delivering his share of a court-ordered payment in a wrongful death suit.

When asked why he was paying the $150,000 in quarters, Roger Herrin told WSIL-TV, "Because I couldn't do it in pennies."

In 2001, Herrin's 15-year-old son was killed in a car accident when an uninsured truck driver ran a stop sign. The three other passengers in the car were injured. The Jeep carrying the four young people was insured up to $800,000 in underinsured motorist coverage. A judge ruled that most of that money should go to Herrin, who lost his son.

Immediately afterward, the families of the injured victims began to squabble with Herrin over the settlement, he said. The payment in quarters is simply the last stop, he said, on a long journey.

"They can have all the money in the world and I'd take my son back," he told Channel 3. "If and when someone ever loses a child. It leaves a hole in your heart that is never repairable."

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