The hosts of CNN's New Day did their journalistic best to investigate a New York City plastic surgeon who has resurfaced after a New York Post report on his exacting dating specifications and the rewards for prospective matchmakers.

"Genuinely, I want to get married," Dr. Emil Chynn said in a Tuesday interview. "I spent my entire career trying to be the best doctor I can be. Columbia, Harvard, this kind of thing. But really, I kind of sacrificed my personal life for my professional life."

According to the Post, Chynn is asking to be set up with caucasian college graduates who wear between sizes 0 and 2 and who are "an 8 or 9" in terms of attractiveness.

"That describes maybe two or three women in Manhattan," host Kate Bolduan told Chynn, before colleague Michaela Pereira leaned in asking Chynn if she had a chance.

Chynn defended himself by saying the report was based on an email sent in 2012, then explained his emphasis on body type.

"I'm only 125 pounds, and most women aren't comfortable dating men that weigh less than them," he explained. "So, that can be phrased as, 'I want to date someone who looks comparable to me.'"

He did confirm the Post's report that he is offering $100 to friends who set him up on a successful first date, and a $10,000 donation to a charity chosen by whoever can set him up with the woman he ends up marrying.

"We gotta stick it to you on some of these requests," Bolduan said at one point, before being cut off by co-host Chris Cuomo, who told Chynn sympathetically, "I deal with this every day, doc."

Gawker reported in 2010 that Chynn emailed a 32-paragraph complaint to 65 media outlets about the owner of a nearby property owner in retaliation for their request that he remove a hot tub from a nearby alley.

Watch Chynn explain his quest for love, as aired on CNN on Tuesday, below.