[Warning: This post contains spoilers.]

U.S. House of Representatives Majority Whip Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said in an interview with the Daily Pilot newspaper that his life would be easier if he could murder people to get his way like the main character in the Netflix original series "House of Cards."

McCarthy said that he helped actor Kevin Spacey research his role as Democratic House Majority Whip Rep. Francis "Frank" J. Underwood in the series, which was nominated for a brace of awards in the 2013 Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series for Spacey and Outstanding Actress for Robin Wright, the actress who plays Underwood's wife.

McCarthy said that he liked Spacey, "philosophically we're different," he said, not just politically, but they're also different in that "I believe if Spacey made 100 bucks a week acting he'd still act."

"He does what he believes in; he does what he likes," McCarthy continued. "He portrays this person with all the wrong things you hear about Washington. He literally murders one member. If I could murder one member, I'd never have to worry about another vote."

[image of Rep. Kevin McCarthy via Flickr Creative Commons]