Colbert: Limbaugh's new children's book sounds like 'an Oxycontin hallucination'
Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert on Sept. 26 2013. [Comedy Central]

Thursday night on "The Colbert Report," host Stephen Colbert skewered Rush Limbaugh's new book for children, which features "Rush Revere," the mascot for Limbaugh's "Two if By Tea" brand of bottled iced tea. Colbert called it "the greatest corporate kids' lit tie-in since One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Radio Shack."

"You know that I admire conservative radio host and angry scoop of ice cream Rush Limbaugh," said Colbert. "That's why I buy everything put out by El Rushbo's media empire; his books, his T-shirts, even his 'Excellence in Broadcasting' executive office chair. It has the perfect swivel action you need when you're mocking Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's."

Currently, Limbaugh is hawking a children's book that re-tells the story of the first Thanksgiving. The book is called Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans.

"And you know they're brave," Colbert said, "because they're willing to put themselves between Rush Limbaugh and a roasted turkey."

The book tells the story of substitute middle school teacher Rush Revere and his time-traveling, talking horse, Liberty. The two travel to the Mayflower and talk to the original pilgrims as they are sailing to what will become the United States.

Just to be clear, said Colbert, this is "not an Oxycontin hallucination."

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