Protesters shout down NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly at Brown University

Protesters shouted down New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly at Brown University, forcing the cancellation of his planned lecture.

More than 100 students and activists on Tuesday protested the police department’s stop-and-frisk policy, which a judge found had unfairly targeted minorities, and its surveillance of Muslims.

As Kelly began to speak at the Providence, Rhode Island, college, demonstrators stood up with one fist raised and recited a statement in unison, then promptly sat down.

University officials asked the protesters to allow Kelly to speak and hold their comments until a question-and-answer session after the lecture, but the hall was emptied when the disruptions continued.

Students had asked the Ivy League college to cancel the planned lecture, but Brown allowed it to continue.

“We decided to cancel it for them,” said student Jenny Li, who helped organize the demonstration.

Brown University’s president, Christina Paxson, said the protest "deprived the campus and the Providence community of an opportunity to hear and discuss important social issues.”

New York is appealing a federal judge’s ruling that the stop-and-frisk policy violated the rights of minority members.

Watch this video of the event posted by the Brown Daily Herald: