Colbert: Ms. Marvel comic reboot as Muslim teen another example of 'Sharia creep'

Stephen Colbert lamented the rebooted Ms. Marvel comic book series as the latest example in the impending Muslim takeover of the United States.

“Ladies and gentlemen, America has lost another battle in the culture war, which is surprising because we’ve got all the guns,” said Colbert on Wednesday night’s broadcast of The Colbert Report.

The character, who originally appeared as a superhumanly strong and fast buxom blonde in a self-titled series in the 1970s, has been reborn as a shape-shifting, 16-year-old daughter of Pakistani immigrants living in New Jersey.

“Folks, this affront has taken me aback,” Colbert said. “A Muslim cannot be a superhero; for Pete’s sake, they’re on the no-fly list.”

Colbert said he greatly preferred the original version of Ms. Marvel, who wore a skintight uniform with a cape and bare legs and midriff.

“She was wholesome and all-American,” Colbert said. “Blonde, family values, with two bulging ‘chest muscles,’ and clearly wearing her Sunday church panties.”

The previous Ms. Marvel will continue to appear in comics as Captain Marvel.

Colbert said the first Muslim superhero to be featured in a Marvel Comics series is a clear example of “Sharia creep.”

“First she’s a comic character, then she gets her own movie, then action figures, and the next thing you know, my kids are dressing up as her for Halloween and shouting, ‘Trick or treat, death to Captain America!’” Colbert said.

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