A prominent creationist urges Christians to cast their ballots for candidates who agree with their interpretation of The Bible.

Ken Ham, president of Answers In Genesis and the Creation Museum, said in a recorded message that Christian voters must choose only those candidates who justify their actions using scripture.

“You see, we need leaders who are wise and knowledgeable, (and) how do we determine that?” Ham said. “Well, God’s word tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Do our leaders have a reverence for God and his word?”

Ham says Christian voters shouldn’t cast their ballots on self-interest, although presumably they would gain from selecting officials who support their religion-based worldview.

“We shouldn’t choose our leaders based on how their policies personally benefit us,” Ham said. “Our goal should be to elect leaders who’ll uphold the authority of God’s word so that our children’s hearts and minds are captured for God alone.”

The 60-second spot will be heard on more than 500 stations, according to the Answers in Genesis website.

Watch this video posted online by the Creation Museum: