A woman in Nebraska on Wednesday was found guilty of trespassing and public nudity for taking raunchy photos in front of a Catholic high school.

Valerie Dodds, 19, staged a photo shoot at St. Pius X High School in Lincoln in May. The photographs were posted on her adult website, along with a note explaining that she had been mistreated by former classmates and faculty.

"Everyone at my high school had something rude to say to me when I started my website and so this is my tribute to all of you lol," Dodds explained, adding that she had used a crucifix in an inappropriate manner.

Lancaster County Judge Thomas Fox set sentencing for Dec. 20.

On her Facebook page, Dodds said the charges were "complete bull sh*t." But she thanked the city and the school for giving her publicity and helping her get on the cover of the Hustler magazine.

A Catholic official said the situation was disappointing.

"Very honestly this is a sad story, this is a young woman who has gone down a dangerous path," J.D. Flynn, the Communications Director for the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln told the Associated Press.

He added that the adult entertainment industry wasn't "harmless for the user or those involved in it."