Far-right anti-LGBT pastor Scott Lively was a guest on Niall Boylan's Dublin, Ireland-based talk show on Thursday. Right Wing Watch reported that the two sparred about the passage of Uganda's controversial new anti-LGBT law.

Lively contended that LGBT people are responsible for the high divorce rate among heterosexual couples. He went on to say that if LGBT people have their way, pedophilia will be legal in the U.S. within five years.

"You're accusing the gay community of destroying family values," said Boylan. "Is that what you're trying to say?"

"I am," Lively replied, saying that LGBT influence comes out of "the Frankfurt School of cultural Marxism," a right-wing conspiracy theory that Marxist communists in Frankfurt Germany planned an all-out cultural war, subverting conservative Western values through the arts and culture.

"Marxism has always been about destroying civilization so that they can rebuild on the ashes their socialist, utopian society," said Lively.

These cultural Marxist LGBT people, he said, have made it their first aim to "break down the nuclear family" and "take their model of sexual anarchy into the mainstream."

In the 1960s, he said, "the gay model of sexual anarchy was introduced and the heterosexuals adopted the gay model. That’s what’s going on.”

The proper Christian model for a home, he said, is a man and a woman married to each other and raising children. The husband, he said, is the head of the house. The relationship between spouses is one of "master and servant, not president and vice president."

LGBT people, he continued, are going to use the legalization of same-sex marriage will “open the door to lots of other deviant sexual conduct,” including “polygamy, polyamory, incest, pederasty, even pedophilia.”

Boylan cut in, “You’re not suggesting that if we vote yes for same-sex marriage that in 20 years’ time the world will become so liberal that we will allow people to have sex and marry twelve-year-olds.

“It won’t be twenty years, it will be five years,” said Lively.

Lively is one of the country's most vicious and strident anti-LGBT activists. His book, The Pink Swastika, alleges that homosexuals were the inventors of Nazism and that the Nazi atrocities of World War Two were the fault of gays and lesbians.

He was integral to the passage of Uganda's draconian anti-LGBT law that punishes homosexual behavior with life imprisonment. The law originally called for the death penalty. Lively also helped Russian legislators draft their law outlawing "gay propaganda," i.e., the depiction of LGBT relationships in anything other than a negative light.