Effigy of President Obama found hanging from Missouri bridge
Obama (AFP)

Police in Grain Valley, Missouri have rerouted traffic after an effigy of President Barack Obama was found hanging from the Lesholz Bridge.

Authorities received reports of the effigy beginning around 5:30 a.m. this morning.

When they arrived on the scene, police called for the Independence police squad, which used a robot to remove the effigy, then relocated it to a nearby field, where it was then examined to determine whether it contained explosives.

No explosives were found.

Police have not released images of the effigy, but did say they were actively investigating how it got there.

“We are talking with neighbors and canvassing the neighborhood,” Jackson County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Sgt. Ronda Montgomery told The Kansas City Star. “We are putting the pieces of the puzzle together.”