Authorities aren't even sure how many people accidentally got shot at Ohio gun show
Man holds gun in front of US flag (

An Ohio gun show featured so much responsible firearms ownership that authorities were not initially sure how many attendees were wounded when a gun accidentally discharged.

At least one person was wounded Saturday at an Ohio gun show -- but investigators said another person might also have been injured in the accidental shooting, reported the Wilmington News Journal.

A spokesman for the Clinton County Sheriff's Office said one man was injured when the gun fired at the Ohio Gun Collectors Association Show, which was held over the weekend at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington.

The spokesman, Col. Brian Prickett, said at least one other person may have been wounded -- but authorities don't think any of the injuries were life-threatening.

Prickett insisted the Ohio Gun Collectors Association was a "top-notch" organization that promoted firearms safety.

The spokesman said the only loaded guns at the event ordinarily "are ours," meaning sheriff's deputies, so it's not clear who owned the gun that was accidentally discharged.

No arrests have been announced, and the shooting remains under investigation.

The organization's gun shows regularly draw Ohio elected officials, including Clinton County Auditor Terry Habermehl -- who said he spent Saturday morning "exercising (his) second amendment rights ... with 1,000 or so like-minded people" at the gun show.